Monoblock Pet Bottle Sparkling Carbonated Drink Filling Line Machine

Monoblock Pet Bottle Sparkling Carbonated Drink Filling Line Machine

Monoblock PET Bottle Sparkling Carbonated Drink Filling Line Device

Stream Chart:
one. PET Preform Injection Molding System
PET material→ Dehumidify→ Load material→ Injection machine→ Preform
two. PE/PP Cap Compression Molding Method
PE material→ Dehumidify→ Load material→ Compression machine→ Cap
3. PET Bottle Blowing Method
PET Preforms→ heat preform→ stretch→ blowing→ bottles
4. Water Purifying System
Raw water→ Multistage centrifugal stainless pump→ Quartz sand filter→ Active carbon filter→ H2o softner→ Micro filter→ Reverse osmosis→ UV sterilizer→ H2o tank→ Pump
5. Carbonated drink Getting ready Technique
Sugar melting tank→ Pump→ Syrup filter→ Mixing tank→ Pump→ Syrup cooler→ Carbonated Mixer←Cooling water tank← Chiller CO2 filter
six. Filling, Labeling and Packing Method
(Bottle Unscramble)→ Air conveyor→ Rinsing, Filling& Capping Mono-Block→ Lamp checker→ CZPT→ Bottle Warmer→ Dryer→ Vehicle labeling machine→ Day printer→ Vehicle PE Movie pack shrinking device/Carton packing machine→ Stock

CZPT Parameters

Model CGFD8-8-3 CGFD12126 CGFD18186 CGFD24248
Amount of washing, filling and capping heads eight-8-3 12-twelve-6 eighteen-eighteen-six 24-24-8
Production capacity
1500~2000BPH 3000~3500 4000~5000 7000~7500
Suited bottle specification(mm) quantity=330-2000ml φ=fifty-one hundred ten H=150~340mm quantity=330-2500ml
Motor energy(kw) Primary motor1.9kw Primary motor3.5kw Principal motor4.0kw Major motor4.8kw
Overall dimensions (mm) 1900*1420*2000 2450*1800*2400 2650*1900*2400 2900*2100*2400
Product CGFD32328 CGFD45711 CGFD505012 CGFD606015
Quantity of washing, filling and capping heads 32-32-eight 40-forty-ten 50-50-12 60-60-15
Generation capability
(500ml) (B/H)
8000-10000 10000-12000 12000-15000 15000-18000
Suited bottle specification(mm) φ=fifty-one hundred ten H=a hundred and fifty~340mm Quantity=330-2500ml
Motor power(kw) Major motor7.6kw Principal motor8.3kw Major motor 9.6kw Primary motor 15Kw
Overall proportions (mm) 4100*2000*2400 4550*2650*2400 5450*3210*2400 5500*3510*2400

Monoblock PET Bottle Sparkling Carbonated Drink Filling Line Equipment

Detailed Items
A. Water Treatment method Method
Uncooked drinking water tank→Water useful resource pump→Silica sand filter→Active carbon filter→Precision filter→Reverse Osmosis→High-pressure pump→UV sterilizer→Oxidizing tower→Ozone generator→Pure h2o tank→Pipes and valves→CZPT control    

B. Mixing Equipment
Stream Chart: Syrup melting tank→Beverage pump→CZPT heads filter→Mixing tank→Plate style warmth exchanger→water chiller→Beverage mixing machine→Semi-automobile CIP system→Pipes and valves→Control cabinet
Consume mixer is developed and manufactured for strengthening the proportion of water, syrup and carbon dioxide.
It is ideal for mixing all sorts of drink, these kinds of as carbonated consume, soda drinking water, and other gentle and hard consume.    

C. Washing Filling Capping Device
This machine works harmoniously with air-conveyor belt (chain plate conveyor belt is optional), It retains the bottles by the neck, hence, reducing the likelihood of bottles slipping more than in the course of conveying method.
This equipment is used to fill carbonated consume into pet bottle and with screw caps capping function.
This machine built-in 3 function: one. Rinse the empty pet bottle, 2. filling the rinsed bottles, 3. capping the crammed bottles    

D. Bottle Labeling Equipment
This equipment adopts worldwide advanced technological innovation to go over the circle label on the PET bottle. And then, sizzling shrinking to resolve on the placement which bottle physique selected.    

E. Inkjet Printer
Variable figures/languages/logos/fonts printing 
Timing and counting printing 
Reversal and inverse etc, 4 directional inkjet printing 
Computerized display of goods counting, batch quantities, change numbers    

F. Bottle Packing Device
The principal perform is wrapping the product by the shrink film first, then heating it, in this way, the merchandise will be packed tightly by the movie.    

Monoblock PET Bottle Glowing Carbonated Consume Filling Line Equipment

Primary Purchasing Processes
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Discussion: specify the products you desire, validate specification OEM/ODM consultation.
Quotation: Costs offered and accepted.
Location buy as for each contract or discussion.
Proforma invoice supplied to double verify the purchase for equally-aspect documents.
Payment settled.  
Order completed underneath our arrangement.
Products transported as for every contracted phrase.
Merchandise arrive at regional port or warehouse, relying on contracted phrase.
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About CZPT
HangCZPT CZPT CZPT Co., Ltd. is a hi-tech planning and production enterprise, which is specialized in beverage manufacturing and packing total lines as nicely as numerous h2o remedy equipment. We are one of the earliest businesses engaged in manufacturing liquid filling and packing equipment in China.

Our products contain:Liquid filling devices (h2o, fruit juice/tea, carbonated drink, oil, alcohol, plant protein drink, and so forth.), Barreled filling line (3-5 gallon) Water therapy devices, Labeling & packing machines, semi-computerized /full computerized bottle blowing devices, and injection molding machines.

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Monoblock Pet Bottle Sparkling Carbonated Drink Filling Line Machine