China RV Series Aluminum Material Worm Speed Gearbox Reducer Nmrv

China RV Series Aluminum Material Worm Speed Gearbox Reducer Nmrv

Item Description
one. Housing: Die-forged Aluminium Alloy Gearbox (RV571~RV090)Cast Iron Gearbox (RV110~RV150)
two. Worm Wheel: Wearable Tin Bronze Alloy, Aluminum Bronze Alloy
3. Worm Shaft: 20Cr Steel, carburizing, quenching, grinding, area hardness 56-62HRC, .3-.5mm remaining carburized layer soon after exact grinding
four. Enter Configurations:
Outfitted with CZPT Motors (AC Motor, Brake Motor, DC Motor, Servo Motor)
IEC-normalized Motor Flange
Strong Shaft Input
Worm Shaft Tail Extension Input
5. Output Configurations:
Keyed Hollow Shaft Output
Hollow Shaft with Output Flange
Plug-in Reliable Shaft Output
six. CZPT Elements: Worm Shaft Tail Extension, Solitary Output Shaft, CZPT Output Shaft, Output Flange, Torque Arm, Dust Include
7. Gearbox Painting:
Aluminium Alloy Gearbox:
After Shot Blasting, Anticorrosion Therapy and Phosphating, Paint with the Colour of RAL 5571 Gentian Blue or RAL 7035 Gentle Grey
Cast Iron Gearbox:
Following Painting with Pink Antirust Paint, Paint with the Coloration of RAL 5571 Gentian Blue
Hollow Shaft Enter with IEC-normalized Motor Flange
Strong Shaft Enter
1. Top quality aluminum alloy gear box, light weight and not rust
two. 2 optional worm wheel resources: Tin bronze or aluminum bronze alloy
three. CZPT components and really flexible for shaft configurations and motor flange interface
four. Many optional mounting choices
five. Low sounds, Large efficiency in warmth dissipation

Types Rated Electrical power Rated Ratio Input Gap Dia. Enter Shaft Dia. Output Hole Dia. Output Shaft Dia. Middle Distance
RV571 .06KW~.12KW 5~60 Φ9 Φ9 Φ11 Φ11 25mm
RV030 .06KW~.25KW five~80 Φ9(Φ11) Φ9 Φ14 Φ14 30mm
RV040 .09KW~.55KW five~a hundred Φ9(Φ11,Φ14) Φ11 Φ18(Φ19) Φ18 40mm
RV050 .12KW~one.5KW 5~100 Φ11(Φ14,Φ19) Φ14 Φ25(Φ24) Φ25 50mm
RV063 .18KW~two.2KW 7.five~one hundred Φ14(Φ19,Φ24) Φ19 Φ25(Φ28) Φ25 63mm
RV075 .25KW~4.0KW 7.5~one hundred Φ14(Φ19,Φ24,Φ28) Φ24 Φ28(Φ35) Φ28 75mm
RV090 .37KW~four.0KW 7.five~one hundred Φ19(Φ24,Φ28) Φ24 Φ35(Φ38) Φ35 90mm
RV110 .55KW~7.5KW seven.5~a hundred Φ19(Φ24,Φ28,Φ38) Φ28 Φ42 Φ42 110mm
RV130 .75KW~seven.5KW seven.5~100 Φ24(Φ28,Φ38) Φ30 Φ45 Φ45 130mm
RV150 2.2KW~15KW seven.five~one hundred Φ28(Φ38,Φ42) Φ35 Φ50 Φ50 150mm

Ratio: 5, 7.five, 10, 15, 20, 25, thirty, 40, 50, 60, eighty, a hundred
Set up:
Flange Mounted
Foot Mounted
Torque Arm Mounted
Grease Lubrication
Oil-tub and Splash Lubrication
Normal Cooling
Quality Management System: 
At UGT product and support good quality are offered the highest priority.
Our personnel acquire training on quality techniques and concepts.
At every level inside of the business, we are engaged in improving item high quality and procedures.
This deep degree of dedication has aided us to entice our client believe in and expand globally as a brand of choice.

We invite audits of our services by our clients.

Product Quality:
High precision, Reduced noise, Prolonged Support life span and reliability.

UGT’s Focus:

  • UGT distribution services are ISO 9001. Our manufacturing services are TS 16949 qualified.
  • Software of Lean philosophies to re-engineer company procedures to eliminate non price additional methods
  • Selection making techniques primarily based on audio info
  • Building partnerships from buyer to provide chain

Usually Requested Inquiries:

To The Client’s

  1. Is buying from China worthwhile?

China stays types of the greatest supplier in the planet. For confident the merchandise that you have chosen is rewarding in your goal markets, as China is giving to the globe with aggressive high quality and costs.

2) Do I need to vacation China in order to acquire items?
We consider treatment of every little thing for you, so you can conserve air fare expenses, accommodations and touring expenditures. Even so, if you make a decision to pay a visit to China, we will attempt to prepare you a wonderful being so your traveling expertise will be pleasant.

three) What variety of goods do you supply?
A wide assortment of CZPT, Automotive and CZPT products. CZPTy item is assigned to a specialized group.

4) What are my risks in buying from China or to work with you?
You have basically no dangers. We do acquiring for you and you can rest guarantee with our inspections. If you get time to come China, you can check out us for the duration of manufacturing procedure. You have obtain to our get in touch with networks and product sales staff. We will just take serious action about your merchandise like ours. You do not need to have to vacation if you don’t want to as you have well-informed partners in the China.

5) I can uncover the supplier for my items on my personal, why do I need you?
You may possibly do so. Nevertheless, your investment will be much increased. Plus you do not have a local spouse that is aware of the market and can give you access to a network of opportunity.
To get your items from China, you need to have to have a local workplace for signing agreement with suppliers, an engineer team in order to do good quality and quantity inspection time to time. You require to know about uncooked content sources, and the important make a difference is to stay away from any out sourcing.

6) How are you structured?
We have diverse departments that each a single specialised in every single one element. We can give logistic help, CZPT support, inspection support, and legal support.

seven) Is this support only for huge company?
No, we sure that by first time corporation you will get warm self-assurance to maintain your organization with us, as our romantic relationship dependent on honesty and mutual positive aspects, so in the future you will enlarge your organization. We treatment you and make you to be much much more-stronger than ahead of. Likely from toughness to strength with each other.

We welcome any company from Little to Huge, Let’s progress . . .
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China RV Series Aluminum Material Worm Speed Gearbox Reducer Nmrv