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Stainless Steel Permanent Magnet Motor

Description of Permanent Magnet Motor

Power level: 1.1kw
Power supply voltage: 208-230/460v 50Hz 60Hz 575v 60Hz
Protection grade: IP66
Insulation class: Class F
Design standard: IEC, whose efficiency level has reached the relevant standards of the European Ministry of energy on motor efficiency
It has passed CE, UL, and ISO9001:2000 certification.

DC permanent magnet (PM) motor is a continuous rotating electromagnetic actuator, which can be directly coupled to its load. Figure 2.56 shows a schematic diagram of a DC permanent magnet motor. PM motor is composed of ring brush ring assembly, permanent magnet stator ring, and laminated wound rotor. It is especially suitable for servo systems that must minimize size, weight, power, and response time, and require high position and rate accuracy.

The permanent magnet motor series extends the effective nominal speed range of rugged industrial machines to 100 – 850 R / min. These motors can simplify the drive system by effectively eliminating the need for speed reduction devices. They are specially designed to supply power to frequency converters. Even without speed sensors, they can provide high-speed accuracy, because they are synchronous motors without rotor slippage.

Main advantages of Permanent Magnet Motor

In addition, you can find many reasons for using PMDC motors. Discuss the benefits of PMDC with our experienced employees. What are the key advantages? They have specific benefits, including:

  •  Portable size
  • Cheaper
  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Excitation winding is not required
  • No copper loss of field circuit
  • Overall efficiency improvement

Multi-application usage
For most applications, PMDC is developed to approximately 200 kW. More importantly, they have applications in both home and industry. Depending on the application, their power can be as high as a fraction. This provides them with a wide range of applications, from computers to cars to electrical appliances.

Popular Uses of  Permanent Magnet Motor

These motors can be used for windshield wipers, window control, and air conditioning. PMDC Motors sold can also provide power for computer drivers, toys, food mixers, and hedge machines. Therefore, they have many applications. Most importantly, LN Electric has a large inventory of all types of motors that can meet your needs, including PMDC.

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